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Molokai' - "Hawaiian By Nature"

        Molokai - is a special island. Many folks here still work the land for their living; others fish
    for their dinner and the island sways to the authentic rhythms of old Hawaii.
    Yet visitors come for the 100% natural excitement; the stirring tropic beauty of
    Halawa Valley and historic Kalauapapa National Park, the thrilling activities on land and
    sea. There’s golf, hiking, mountain biking, sailing, snorkeling, deep sea fishing,
    kayaking, horseback and mule riding; all with a distinctively Molokai flair.

    Damien Churches - Nestled on the east ends of Molokai are St. Joseph and
    Our Lady of Seven Sorrows, two churches designed and built by Father Damien.
    St. Philimena’s church, also built by the Belgian priest is considered the most
    significant structure in Kalaupapa  National Historic Park.

    Fringing Reef - Snorkel , dive, fish or kayak along this pristine, 28 mile coral reef.

    Kalaupapa - Designated a National Historic  Park. Visit this isolated community by
    mule train, by hiking three miles on the 26 switch back cliff side trail, or by air.
    Book in advance. Age restrictions: 16years.

    Molokai Museum and Cultural Center/R.W. Meyer Sugar Mill - Listed on the
    National Register of Historic Places. Tour the restored sugar mill land historical exhibits.

   Papohaku Beach Park - Located about 1 mile past Kaluakoi Hotel and Golf Club,
   the beach park is a great  place to barbeque, relax beneath the shade of a sprawling
   Kiawe tree or stroll along the beautiful 3 mile Papohaku beach.

   Plumeria Farm - Covering over an acre of land is the sweet Plumeria blossom.
   One of the most popular flowers to make a lei with in Hawaii. Learn to hand pick
   the right flowers, and then string a lei for yourself or someone special.

  1286 Kalani St. Suite B-204, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 / Phone:808-847-3171