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Lana'i' - "The Most Secluded Island"

The Experienced of Koele and The Challenge of Manele  - Championship 18-hole
golf courses designed by Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus, respectively.

Kahikatea - A collection of unique, colorful rock formations.

Hulopo’e Bay and Manele Bay - Adjacent bays, Hulopoe has one of Hawaii’s
most beautiful award winning beaches with shady picnic grounds, fine swimming
and body surfing.

Kanepu’u - Patches of native dryland forest. Some areas contain rare species of
plants and are protected by the Nature Conservancy of Hawaii.

Kaunolu Bay - Once the favorite fishing spot of Kamehameha the Great,
the ruins of ancient Kanolu Village still stand on this site.

Lanai City - On Lanai resides a population of 2,800 full time residents in a quaint
Lanai City, The town is centered around Dole Square, with a handful of old-time
general stores.

Lanai Pine Archery Range - Equipment rentals and lessons for all ages

Naha Trail - Paved by Hawaiians more than a century ago, this trail leads to
an old village site.

Kaiolohia - On the northeast shore of the island, Kaiolohia is a beachcombers and
fisherman’s paradise.

Polihua Beach - Located on the Northwestern coast and only accessible by
four wheel drive. Famous for the turtles that nest here. Translation” Poli (core or bay)
and hua (eggs)

Shipwreck Beach – On the northeast shore of the island,
Shipwreck is a beachcomber’s and fisherman’s paradise.

Driving Distance:
Airport to Lanai City – 10 minutes
Lanai Airport to Manele Bay – 25 minutes
Lanai City to Manele Bay – 30 minutes
Manele Bay to Lanai City – 30 minutes

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Lanai - Offers a relaxing atmosphere. Lanai City, a peaceful town is located on a
cool plateau covered with stately Cook Island pine trees. On the South coast you
can swim in graceful Hulopoe Bay off a glittering white sand beach.
On Lanai’s other side, there’s Kaiolohia where old hulks can be seen from shore
and the sands is dotted with curious flotsam.