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Kaua'i - "The Garden Isle" & "Hawaii's Island of Discovery"

   Captain’s Cook Landing, Waimea Bay - The first place in which the intrepid
   British Explorer set foot in Hawaii in January, 1778. This was for many years a favorite
   provisioning port with Pacific traders and whalers.

Fern Grotto - The hauntingly beautiful cave, luxuriantly festooned
   with growing ferns, is reach from the Wailua Marina.

Hanalei Valley - You will want to stop at the vantage point near the marker to gaze at this
   sweeping scene of majestic tranquility.

Hanapepe Valley - Note the red cliffs and the handsome color accent they give the valley’s
   myriad shades of green and blue.

   Kalalau Lookout - Once peacocks preened their plumage in this tropic Eden and families
   cultivate terraces of taro. No one lives here now ….. Nothing remains but one of the most
   beautiful views on earth.

   Kauai Museum - The museum in Lihue presents a factual history of Kauai, using artifacts
   and photographs. Other historical and art exhibits are also displayed.

   Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge - A refuge for nesting seabirds, the isolated
   promontory where the lighthouse sits is open for visitors.

   Lumahai Beach - Chosen for Nurse’s Beach in “South Pacific,”
   this lovely spot is undoubtedly the most photograph beach on Kauai.

   Opaekaa Falls - The Wailua River makes a dramatic plunged over a high cliff. Opaekaa
   means “rolling shrimp” and dates from days when swarms of shrimps were seen rolling
   in turbulent waters at the base of the falls.

Poipu Beach - Exceptionally fine bathing beach. Great for snorkeling.

Sleeping Giant - The outline of a mountain ridge shows a striking resemblance
   to a reclining giant.

Smiths Tropical Paradise - This 23 acre site has gardens, lagoons, exotic birds and
   a unique narrated train ride which meanders through a rain forest, a Polynesian village,
   a Japanese Island, a Filipino village and other interesting areas. Kauai’s ethnic heritage
   is reflected nightly in a 75 minute musical production in the lagoon.

   Spouting Horn - When tide is running high, waves pressured through
   lava tubes are forced through a hole in coastal rocks to burst noisily into
   spectacular fountains of salt and foam spray.

   Waimea Canyon - This is more than a view, its an experience!
   You will treasure in memory its grandeur and jewel-tone colors,
   its awesome depth and breadth.

    Driving Distance:
    Lihue Airport to Lihue – 5 minutes
    Lihue Airport to Wailua – 15 minutes
    Lihue Airport to Kapaa – 20 minutes
    Lihue Airport to Poipu – 30 minutes
    Lihue Airport to Waimea – 45 minutes
    Lihue Airport to Princeville Resort – 45 minutes
    Lihue to Fern Grotto – 15 minutes
    Lihue to Lumahai Beach – 45 minutes
    Lihue to Opaekaa Falls – 35 minutes
    Lihue to Spouting Horn – 35 minutes

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Kauai Attractions and Tours
$  71.51       Backroads of Kauai
$230.31       Kauai Eco Helicopter Tours
$  49.51       Wailua River Motorcoach Excursion
$  49.51       Waimea Canyon Motorcoach
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Kauai  Activities
$132.76      Napali Snorkel Expedition
$  70.00      Rainforest 4x4 Hiking Adventure
$145.00      Spirit of Kauai Na Pali Snorkel Sail
$  98.00      Wildlife Refuge Kayak & Hidden
            Valley Falls Hike
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Kauai - "The Garden Isle' & "Hawaii’s Island of Discovery -
The colorful town of Lihue, Kauai’s commercial center, is the starting point for your tours of
either half of Kauai. If you are off the North Shore, first stop will be the Wailua River for
fascinating,  3 mile ride on one of the river launches. At the very end passengers disembark
to explore the hauntingly beautiful Fern Grotto. Your North Shore trip will be liberally
sprinkled with a host of perfect beaches, sugarcane fields and a variety of unusual
churches. But the highlight will be the incredible beauty of Hanalei Valley
and Hanalei Bay. Their magic will linger in your memory