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Hawaii's Big Island - Aloha Spoken Here

    Akaka Falls  - North of Hilo, plunges over 420 fee in sheer drop over a volcanic cliff.

Black Sand Beaches  - Made up of pulverized lava,
   located on the southeastern shoreline

Hawaii Volcano National Park The number one visitor attraction in all Hawaii,
  has an array of unique volcanic formations, forest of  giant tree ferns,
  steaming craters and volcano logical museum which screens free movies daily.


Kamehameha Statue  - In Kohala, was lost at sea during shipment to Hawaii and later
 recovered after a replica had been made and erected in Honolulu. In Hilo dramatic and
  accessible in Hilo’s Bayfront Highway, a perfect photo opportunity

Parker Ranch   Located in the Waimea-Kamuela district and
  established in 1847,is one of the oldest and largest ranches
  in the country.

  Rainbow Falls - One of the Big Island’s loveliest waterfalls, is located in Hilo

   Hapuna Beach Park  - At Hapuna  State Beach park, Anaeho’omalu Beach,
  and Magic Sand Beach , Kailua, all the western side of the island.

 Driving Distance:

 Hilo Airport to Hilo – 5 minutes
 Hilo Airport to Waimea – 45 minutes
 Hilo Airport to Mauna Kea  – 60 minutes
 Hilo Airport to Mauna Lani  – 65 minutes
 Hilo Airport to Waikoloa  – 70 minutes
 Hilo Airport to Hualalai  – 80 minutes
 Hilo Airport to Kona International Airport – 110 minutes
 Hilo Airport to Kona – 125 minutes
 Hilo Airport to Keauhou – 140 minutes
 Hilo to Akaka Falls – 10 minutes
 Hilo to Black Sand Beaches – 30 minutes
 Hilo to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – 45 minutes
 Hilo to Parker Ranch – 45 minutes

 Kona International Airport to Kona – 15 minutes
 Kona International Airport to Hualalai Resort – 20 mins.
 Kona International Airport to Keauhou – 25 minutes
 Kona International Airport to Waikoloa  – 30 minutes
 Kona International Airport to Mauna Lani  – 35 minutes
 Kona International Airport to Mauna Kea  – 40 minutes
 Kona International Airport to Waimea – 55 minutes
 Kona International Airport to Hilo – 110 minutes
 Kona International Airport to Hilo Airport – 110 minutes
 Kona to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – 155 minutes
 Kona to Waikoloa – 45 minutes

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Big Island/ Attractions and Tours

$ 90.25    Atlantis Submarine Kona Coast   
$188.36   Circle of Fire Helicopter Adventure
$199.97   Kohala Coast Helicopter Adventure
$  77.91   Noa Noa Sunset Dinner Sail

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Big Island Activities (Hawaii)

$93.25      Captain Zodiac Raft Expedition
$62.51      Dahana Ranch Horseback  Adventure
$99.00      Flumin da Ditch
$88.25      Noa Noa Snorkel Sail
$130.25     Valley Waterfall Hiking Adventure

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Hawaii’s Big Island - Nearly twice the size as all the other islands combined is
a real adventure. This vast size has produced a wide variety of climates and
attractions. Hawaii Island has over 250 miles of shoreline. It takes roughly 6
hours to drive completely around the Big Island and is larger then all the other
island put togerther The Big Island has about 10 out of 13 world climates on
the same Island. You can experience sun, sand and surf, cold rain forest and
powder snow all in the same day. Plan ahead and you will find those perfect
places that make your vacation something unforgettable:
Truly an adventure in the paradise of Old Hawai"i.